Benson Watch Winders

The Benson Watchwinders brand has been thriving for over 11 years now. During this time, they have specialized in the design and production of high­end watch winders known for their high standards in terms of quality, functionality, technology and polished aesthetics. In order to maintain this level of excellence, they continuously monitor production. In practice, this means that they keep a close eye on the production process, visiting the factories and enforcing strict quality controls applied by a third party. All this is carried out before the watch winders are launched on the market. Before delivery, each Benson watch winder is extensively tested for impeccable performance and aesthetics.

Backed by technical innovations, such as powerful Japanese motors, LCD or touchscreen controls, LED lighting and automatic start/stop systems, Benson watch winders provide a unique combination of quality and functionality. All Benson watch winders are individually packed in sturdy cardboard packaging, which includes a manual and adapter. The 12 ­month warranty is valid against all factory defects.

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